Color Label Printers

Color Label Printers

Inkjet Printers
Inkjet label printers are very versatile in that they are able to print high-quality labels with a wide color range and depth. They are generally compact in size and take up minimal space, as well as they are affordable and come at a comparatively cheaper price than their laser counterparts. They have a low cost per page ratio, and will offer an ample print volume per ink cartridge.

At ForeFront Label Solutions, we carry 2 types of inkjet printers listed below with a description to help narrow down the choices and help select the ideal printer for the business needs.

Dye-based Inkjet printers were designed to focus on the quality of the print. They use a wider color range to produce striking print quality. Dye-based ink produces vibrant colors to capture the quality of the label with good water-resistance however, it is not water-proof.

Pigment-Based Inkjet printers were designed to focus on the durability of the print. The print quality is maintained through water-proof label printing. Print jobs with pigment-based ink can withstand moisture and substandard environment conditions.

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