Finishing Equipment

Finishing Equipment

Finishing Equipment
Finishing Equipment are added hardware components that compliment the label printing process to offer further convenience, efficiency, and productivity. Examples of finishing equipment include a dispenser/peeler, rewinders, unwinders, slitters, matrix removers, laminators, cutters, etc…

Applicators help apply printed labels to the desired products and can accommodate flat surfaces as well as cylindrical and tapered surfaces. They simplify the application process to ensure perfect alignment and are operated by either a foot switch or arm press which makes the process extremely quick and time-efficient.

Dispensers are components that can be added to a label printer to easily remove labels off the roll once the label printing process is complete. This helps with the application of labels since an operator does not need to carry the full roll of printed labels, and can instead dispense individual labels as needed to apply quickly.

Rewinders and Unwinders are highly beneficial add-ons to the print-and-apply process for label printing. Unwinders are primarily used for label printers that have limited capacity to hold large label rolls to enhance the label printing process and minimize the need for disruptions to the label printing process via reduced label roll changes. Rewinders are used to collect the labels that are printed and hold them precisely to avoid tears or damage to the labels. Once the labels are collected onto a roll, they are easy to transport and apply to the desired items as needed. Both Rewinders and Unwinders are extremely useful in streamlining and speeding up the label printing process, as well as they minimize disruption or damage due to human error.

Finishing systems are various features and add-ons that help augment the label printing process. These features include matrix removers which automatically remove wasted material around the edges of a label, laminators which automatically laminate labels during the printing process providing greater durability, and die-cutting machines which can cut labels into customized shapes.

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