Epson TM-C7500 Inks
Epson TM-C7500 pigment-based ink cartridges
The TM-C7500 ink cartridges are pigment-based and designed for the Epson ColorWorks TM-C7500 Matte Label Printer. It uses four ink cartridges for each color (C, M, Y, K), which means you only need to replace individual colors, and not a whole cartridge of that’s only run out of one or two colors.

This means you are reducing spend on ink cartridges as well as minimizing wasted ink.

The Epson ColorWorks TM-C7500 printer
This printer is known for its powerful productivity, reliable performance, durable labels, as well as on-demand, high speed color printing.

The TM-C7500 is reliable because of its rugged design and minimal maintenance requirements. It also has a low cost, overall, of ownership, and is suited for very busy environments where labels are constantly on-demand.

Powerful productivity is thanks to the Just in Time Color printing which enables high-volume labeling. And as for speed: this printer can print full-color labels with differing data at speeds of up to 11.8” per second. Printer supports chemical labels that are GHS compliant and BS5609 certified, so they shouldn’t fade, smudge, or smear.

All of this amounts to a significantly lower labeling cost. In some cases, this printer will have as much as a 50% lower printing cost than thermal transfer and laser printers.

The Epson TM-C7500 is able to do this because of the built-in label language. You can integrate this printer seamlessly into your existing workflow. If you need to add color, then all you have to do is add simple programming extensions.

Self-maintenance is another beneficial feature of this printer. The printer knows when it needs to carry out maintenance, so you won’t need to interrupt label production or cut paper. The two positions of the printhead are home and print. So, when the printer requires maintenance, the printhead moves to the necessary position during maintenance.

Ink technology and cartridges for the Epson TM-C7500
The PrecisionCore™ inkjet technology delivers ultra-sharp text and precise barcodes using high-yield ink cartridges. And these highly efficient ink cartridges provide less waste compared to thermal transfer prints, and require fewer interventions. They are also easier to change, all of which means not only are they more efficient, they also involve less downtime.

The Epson TM-C7500 uses the DURABrite Ultra ink. This has been formulated for certain requirements that have specific applications. The DURABrite Ultra ink is for when you want durable prints on GHS approved and BS5609 media.

To achieve the perfect combination of quality, efficient ink use, and speed the variable sized droplet technology targets the suitable ink droplet size to produce clarity in areas of fine detail. This then produces a clarity in the areas of fine detail which delivers optimum efficiency for larger areas of color.

The Epson TM-C7500 uses four separate high yield pigment-based ink cartridges (CMYK). The colors available are:

Cyan – SJIC26P(C)
Magenta – SJIC26P(M)
Yellow – SJIC26P(Y)
Black – SJIC26P(K)
ForeFront Label Solutions also offers the Epson TM-C7500 maintenance box, which collects wasted ink during print head cleaning.

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Epson TM-C7500 ColorWorks Black Ink Cartridge, SJIC26P(K)

High yield black ink cartridge for Epson TM-C7500 matte GHS printer, SJIC26P(K) Epson high-yield black ink cartridge for the TM-C7500

Epson TM-C7500 ColorWorks Cyan Ink Cartridge, SJIC26P(C)

High yield cyan ink cartridge for Epson TM-C7500 matte GHS printer, SJIC26P(C) Epson high-yield cyan ink cartridge for the TM-C7500

Epson TM-C7500 ColorWorks Magenta Ink Cartridge, SJIC26P(M)

High yield magenta ink cartridge for Epson TM-C7500 matte GHS printer, SJIC26P(M) Epson high-yield magenta ink cartridge for the TM-C7500

Epson TM-C7500 ColorWorks Yellow Ink Cartridge, SJIC26P(Y)

High yield yellow ink cartridge for Epson TM-C7500 matte GHS printer, SJIC26P(Y) Epson high-yield yellow ink cartridge for the TM-C7500

Epson TM-C7500/C7500G/C7500GE ColorWorks Maintenance Box, SJMB7500

Maintenance box for Epson TM-C7500, TM-C7500G & TM-C7500GE printer, SJMB7500 Epson maintenance box for the TM-C7500, TM-C7500G and TM-C7500GE ColorWorks