The benefits of the Primera LX500 & LX500C printers

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The Primera LX500 and LX500C printers provide photo-quality full-colour pictures that are incredibly water-resistant. They also print scratch-resistant tags. For unique, professional-grade illustrations, photo images, bar codes, text, and graphics, the LX500 series is hard to pass up.

For small businesses and start-ups looking to quickly make professional-looking labels, this is the ideal printer. It is compact, affordable, fast, and can create labels on-demand which look just as good, sometimes better, than nationally branded products.

What’s the difference between the LX500 and the LX500C?

The LX500 (base model) does not include a built-in cutter and the Primera LX500C has a built-in cutter. The auto-cutter allows you to create different length labels, which makes job separation easier for various applications.

From the set-up to getting the printer functional, the LX500 and LX500C are straightforward to use. A quick overview of why you want to purchase this printer:

  • Quick installation process as well as easy and straightforward to use.
  • Professional printing quality. The printing resolution is 4800dpi, which produces incredibly vibrant, rich and bright outcomes.
  • A versatile printer that is exceptional for short-run product tagging.

Why purchase the Primera LX500 printer series

The LX500 series uses a tri-colour high-yield ink cartridge, so the cost of printing per label is kept low. It has fast printing speeds and with an in-built cutter (LX500C) you can easily and quickly create on-demand short-run labels.

Another feature of this printer is that it takes label stock and tag stock, making it ideal for printing convention, meeting, and visitor badges. It’s also perfect for creating test marketing, private labelling, retail outlet tagging and pre-press proofing.

As far as value and print quality goes, the Primera LX500 series are amongst the best colour inkjet label printers available on the market. The affordable print cost of this printer holds true if you are only looking to print a few hundred labels a month.

The advantages of the Primera LX500 series

This printer has a lot of advantages, some of which are:

  • Prints label up to 4” wide.
  • 4800 dpi full-colour high-resolution printing
  • Perfect for small label print runs such as test marketing and private labelling.
  • Compact and small dimensions so it won’t take a huge amount of space on your desk.

Ink consumption for the Primera LX500

As this printer uses a single tri-colour ink cartridge, you want to be economical with how many types of labels you print in a month. As, on average, 100 labels of mid-range quality can expend half the cartridge.

So, if have a single label design to print you need to print quickly and on-demand, and don’t change it too often, then this printer is ideal for you.  Which is why small businesses and start-ups find this affordable, fast, easy to use printer ideal when they are starting out. And larger businesses find this printer convenient when they need to run tests and adapt labels quickly.

ForeFront Label Solutions sell both the Primera LX500 and the LX500C label printers. The LX500C (the one that comes with the inbuilt cutter), provides greater media compatibility and allowing to create variable length labels with marginal cost difference than the LX500.

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