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Why you should consider TSC Printers for your business


Why you should consider TSC Printers for your business

To achieve the best result, you need the ideal printer, ribbon and media to match your application requirements. This is why you want a TCS printer. TSC printer and supply combinations are optimized to minimize costs and provide a worry-free printing solution that will enhance your efficiency.

TCS printers offer industrial, desktop and mobile barcode printers for your convenience. Depending on which TCS printer you need, these printers allow you to:

  • Provide secure work-area identification and access.
  • Track and manage assets to reduce losses, increase productivity and so improve profits.
  • Manage raw material inventory so you can lower storage costs.
  • Improve tracking of parts as well as other assembly line materials.

The TSC technology

TSC are renowned for their research, development and manufacturing of barcode printers. In their almost 30-year history, they have sold over five million barcode printers globally.

ForeFront Label Solutions - Diversified Labeling Solutions

With their recent acquisition of Diversified Labelling Solutions, Inc (DSL), “a leading labelling solutions provider” in 2019, they now provide even more value to resellers and distributor partners (source).

This value includes:

  • Quick response time on quotes and orders.
  • The extensive scope of capabilities.
  • Best-in-class manufacturing practices.
  • Efficient distribution from multiple locations.
  • Strict control over support, pricing and quality.
  • Flexibility to meet partner demands.

The benefits of TCS printers for your business

Reliable and rugged, TCS printers have been used in dozens of critical applications around the world. These applications include document control, patient identification, assembly-line tracking and warehouse management.

ForeFront Label Solutions - TSC TTP-2610MT Industrial Thermal Printer, 203 dpi

Industrial label printer features

TCS’s range of industrial printers has a range of features to make them easy to use, durable and great for heavy-duty cycles. Some of the key features include:

  1. Powerful printer programming language.
  2. Colour touch display with new GUI design and six menu buttons for better user experience.
  3. 512MB SDRAM and 512MB FLASH
  4. Superb resolution and all TSC printers come with a two-year limited warranty.

ForeFront Label Solutions - TSC TX200 Desktop Thermal Printer, 203 dpi, LCD Display, WiFi

Desktop label printer features

There are a variety of desktop label printers in two sizes: 2” wide or 4” wide. Everything from the small thermal printers with high-performance engines that are ideal for retail, healthcare and asset tagging; to innovate 4” thermal label printers built to deliver best-in-class performance.

The innovations include:

  • Easy to load print mechanism.
  • Energy-saving Energy Star 2.0 rating.
  • Multiple print language emulations right out of the box.

ForeFront Label Solutions - TSC Alpha-4L Mobile Thermal Printer, 203 dpi, WiFi

Mobile label printer features

The reputation of TSC printers is built on their reliable thermal label desktop printers. They took that and used it to design and manufacture their industry-leading range or reliable portable label printers.

These direct thermal printers:

  • have a two-year warranty.
  • are light-weight, comfortable.
  • work with any mobile document receipt, or label printing application.
  • are designed to be used in a warehouse, ritual location or life on the road.
  • can, with the optional case, resist, water, dust and withstand up to a 6-foot fall and still be able to print.

Choosing the right Printer for your business needs

Whether you’re in a retail shop, a warehouse or an industrial factory, TSC printers offer something for everyone. They are built to be durable, long-lasting and efficient.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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